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Free Online SEO Tool to Grade your Website

HubSpot’s Website Grader This free online SEO tool helps you figure out how to get your website better ranked. It covers the basic SEO ranking factors and provides you a score for your website. The SEO Tools will even e-mail

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Alt Tags

If there is an image on the web page, there should be an alt tag to describe the image. Alt Tags are used to provide a text based descriptions for images on a web page. To add text to the

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The Use of Sitemaps

Depending on the nature and the size of the website. A sitemap is important to get all your web pages indexed, or at least found. What is a Sitemap? A Sitemap is nothing more than the list of all your

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CSS and Javascript Code

CSS and Javascript are terrific web building tools when used correctly.  However, they can cause problems with search engines spider bots. The first and foremost issue is that CSS and Javascript information should be placed is a separate file. I

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Inter Page Linking

Inter page linking are links between web pages of the same domain. One of the more interesting aspects of the web page ranking is based off the idea of linking your web pages based off your keywords. The use of

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Where to place keywords

Where do you Keywords phrases belong? Placing keyword phrases on a web page requires a strategy to allow the search engines to get the message that your web page is devoted to that keyword. The first appearance of a keyword

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Keyword Metatag

The next tag to examine is the keyword meta tag. Keyword meta tags are usually found in the header portion of the web page. The use of the keyword meta tag has lost it’s luster with the search engines due

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The Description Metatag

The Description meta tag is found in the header section of the web page and provides an opportunity to offer more of a description for the search engines. An example syntax for this tag is: <meta name=”description” content=”Search Engine Marketing

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Title Tag

It is important to use the keyword phrase in the Title tag so the search engines know what that web page is about. This information is displayed in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Use your keyword phrase in the

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Untitled documents

. An Untitled Document is the default title for pages created with web design programs. It is the information placed between the <title> </title> in the header of your web page. If you are new at developing your website then

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