Developing Web Marketing Strategies

Smitty's HoldingsDeveloping Website Marketing strategies are the foundation of getting your web site found and displayed to as many potential customers as possible. The success of being found is based on what you use to describe your services or products on your web site.

Web site marketing can be created & accomplished by any of the following:

The Internet can supply hundreds to thousands of visitors per day, 7 days per week. It works while you sleep. Marketing your website helps drive new customers and sales to your online business. The marketing takes many forms and it is the combination of these forms that will deliver the results you seek. The hardest thing to realize is where people are looking to find your product or service.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your website. Does your website accurately describe your business?

With those questions answered – Now consider:

  1. When was the last time you updated your website?
  2. Do you actively add new content on a regular basis?  Do you have any new updates for your web site?
  3. Do you want to change the look of your web site – giving it fresh new look?
  4. Did you add a new product or service in the past 3 months?
  5. Did you eliminate any products or services in the past 3 months?
  6. Did anything news worthy occur to your company that you would like everyone to know?
  7. Did you write an article or paper about a something you feel would help your company?
  8. Have you been recognized for outstanding work or activity?
  9. Do you want to increase your traffic? Convert the increase into sales inquiries, new leads or products sold ?

How many people are visiting your site daily? Is it 10, 50, 200, 500, 1000 or more visitors per day?  Is it worth adding that new information? You bet it does! This is marketing that never stops!

I would bet you want to offer your visitors the latest news about your company, prices, products and services. Your web site is one of your most precious marketing tools. It works when you are not.

Adding new content to your web site on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) is the single most effective way to keep your web site fresh, the search engines happy and people coming back.

Don’t let your web site collect dust. It is the single most important marketing tool you possess and it’s working when you are not!

  • Web site marketing is about telling your story and keeping your story up to date to attract customers.
  • Writing well thought out content – content is the first crucial hurdle.
  • Add web pages about new or existing products and services.
  • Are your web pages HTML compliant for the search engine spiders? Poorly written code will prevent the search engines from finding the content of your web pages.
  • Have clients write product or service reviews – this helps you correct problems or it allows the clients to boast about their experience with your company
  • Start a blog and talk about your business by adding industry news, successful sales, testimonials, or discuss hot topics .
  • Setup Social Media pages
  • If the web site is new, start a pay per click campaign to jump start the traffic and measure the ROI so you don’t get yourself into debt over your marketing efforts.
  • Collect e-mails from your customers and start a newsletter or send out a monthly correspondence. E-mail campaigns can be very successful in keeping your brand and identity in front of your clients. This also helps your clients remember to refer your company to others
  • Review your log files to see what you are being found for and where you are getting your traffic from.

Web site marketing can be very successful, it all depends on your effort. We are experts in making your website stand out and marketing your Internet business products or services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Trying to understand Google’s World of Rankings

I have been been following these changes for a long time. Many of my client’s have seen changes in their rankings even though we have used white hat SEO techniques on their website. I hope this will help explain some of the massive changes in Google’s Ranking System

Why is Google changing their algorithms? To clean up the massive spam that has corrupted the ranking process and created an unsatisfactory experience for the user. This is a good explanation why:


Earlier this year we launched a page layout algorithm that reduces rankings for sites that don’t make much content available “above the fold.”

“we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience. Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change. If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience. Such sites may not rank as highly going forward.”

“This new algorithmic improvement tends to impact sites where there is only a small amount of visible content above-the-fold or relevant content is persistently pushed down by large blocks of ads.”



What is the Panda Update:
The anti-spam “Panda Update”, designed to filter low quality or “thin” content from its top search results.

Panda is called an “update” because the filter runs periodically. Each time the filter runs, all the content Google that has been indexed, is re-sifted. The improved content is not trapped by the filter while the poor content is caught in the filter. I bet that filter must be getting clogged…

“Panda is just 1 of 200 different factors Google uses to rank pages”



What is the Penguin Update?

Google has described Penguin as an algorithm change that’s aimed at webspam and, more specifically, “sites that we believe are violating Google’s quality guidelines.”



 “Last year, Google launched the Panda update, and wreaked havoc across the web on sites doing little to contribute to the quality of content appearing throughout Google’s search engine. This year, it’s been the Penguin update doing the wreaking (with Panda continuing to do its job at the same time). There has been plenty of panic among webmasters caused by the Penguin update, primarily in the inbound links department, and from the sound of it, that’s really just getting started.”

“If you remember, in the early days of Panda, it took several months for us to iterate on the algorithm, and the Panda impact tended to be somewhat larger (e.g. the April 2011 update incorporated new signals like sites that users block). Later on, the Panda updates had less impact over time as we stabilized the signals/algorithm and Panda moved closer to near-monthly updates. Likewise, we’re still in the early stages of Penguin where the engineers are incorporating new signals and iterating to improve the algorithm. Because of that, expect that the next few Penguin updates will take longer, incorporate additional signals, and as a result will have more noticeable impact. It’s not the case that people should just expect data refreshes for Penguin quite yet. Emphasis added.”

Penguin’s impact from Google’s Mattt Cutts – a single tweet:
“Certainly links are a primary area to monitor. Been true all this year; expect to continue.”



Code changes to the Google Search Engine from June and July

The list is cryptic, but you will see there are constant monthly changes


So you can see that Google is changing their ranking process in the attempt to make consumer searching for information a more accurate system – changing all the rules that many Web Marketers have used in the past.

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