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3 Ways to Get More SEO Value from Your Social Profiles

Written by: Nick Stamoulis Social media and SEO go hand-in-hand when it comes to building your online brand. The two disciplines are intertwined more than ever and the most successful websites are the ones who have managed to leverage social

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Top 10 Retail SEO Mistakes Brands Are Still Making

Written by: Kevin Gibbons Last week I asked on Twitter to see what common SEO mistakes were still being made by retail websites. This received a great response, so I thought I’d share the top replies with our readers. I’ve

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SEO Tips For PR Agencies

From SEO Articles Our Online Marketing agency at TopRank has been providing practitioners in the Public Relations industry information and insight on Search Engine Optimization for nearly 10 years. Starting with adding SEO to our media relations services in 2001

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SEO? Oh, I’ve Heard Of That Before!

by SEO Articles Earlier this week I was headed down the elevator and a guy made small talk by asking what I do. As an entrepreneur it usually takes a bit of effort to get people to understand what is

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3 Phases of Social Media SEO – Where Are You At?

from SEO Articles As Google puts the squeeze on traditional ranking signals and subsequently, Search Engine Optimization tactics, the growing emphasis on social signals has many SEO practitioners getting more serious about social engagement. While search marketing has been a

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A Short History of Search Engine Optimisation

from SEO Articles In the early days of the Internet, search engine optimisation was a fairly simple affair. Webmasters (SEO professionals to you and I today) had a fairly straightforward job optimising web sites. To rank for a keyword in

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Which URL Shorteners Are Best for SEO? The Top 3 List

from SEO Articles There’s been plenty of discussion around URL shorteners and their impact on SEO over the last few months. Well Google has officially come out and confirmed that “link value” through URL shorteners is preserved as Google treats

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Fifteen Questions That Will Change The Way You Think About SEO Forever

by SEO Articles All right, I’ll admit, the title is somewhat over dramatic. But, when you don’t have much to offer, hype it up anyway! Kinda like the movies! This post started from talking about How NOT To Do An

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Avoid Penalties – Optimize Your Site With White-Hat SEO Techniques!

By SEO Articles Studies show that around 90% of the overall Internet traffic is generated through search engines, they (search engines) also handle more than half of all the E-commerce transactions. This reveals how important and pivotal the impact of

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Build Your SEO Before Developing Your Site

From SEO Articles The thought that you should SEO your site before you even develop it seems counter-intuitive, and in many ways, it is. But, not entirely. I’ve been an SEO for over 12 years, and I still can’t get

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