How Can PPC Help Your SEO?

For tiny to mid-sized businesses that don’t have $10k to dump on PPC each month, there is still some hunt selling value to be had from rising a PPC campaign, even if we can usually spend a minimal amount. In my experience, organic SEO produces most some-more long-term formula than

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Web Marketers & Online Search Ads

This ad discusses why people are using Pay Per Click Ads to drive more targeted traffic to their websites.


Marketers Hone the Focus of Online Search Ads
By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY – Technology

Jessica Jensen makes money when people visit her Low Impact Living website, a directory devoted to helping you “green” your home.

In a tough economy, sales are down and customers are taking longer to pay bills. But she has not cut back spending on search advertising — those little text ads that appear near search results. “As with every other business, we need customers,” she says. “I can’t stop advertising, so instead I’m spending every dollar and dime efficiently.”

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What is Pay Per Click?

PPC is short for Pay Per Click. Google, Yahoo and MSN, as well as other search engines, offer pay per click advertising services.

PPC is an advertising process where you bid on keyword phrases.

Pay Per Click is useful when you have a new websites or if you want to bid on keyword phrases that you cannot get naturally ranked in the top 10 results.

Since Google has the largest market share of search engine queries, then it is the first search engine one would use to start a PPC campaign.

To setup a PPC campaign, you need to do several things.

  1. Select keywords phrases that would best fit your marketing needs
  2. Group the keyword phrases to create ad groups
  3. Write the ad for the keyword group
  4. Make sure you have an solid landing page for each ad group
  5. Setup the account with business contact information and a credit card
  6. Load up the ads and set the bids
  7. Monitor the account weekly
  8. Be sure to create reports on a monthly basis to make campaign adjustments

This is an example of an ad:

Website Marketing
Market like the Experts
Increase traffic & Gain More Sales

There are many lessons to learn in Pay Per Click marketing. The biggest factors to understand are biding, landing pages, conversions and use of the reporting.

It's always best to use someone with experience to manage a pay per click account or you can burn through money like it's water.


Yahoos new structure for their Sponsor Search Pay Per Click system

New more dynamic structure offers more flexibility and control at every level.

  • Ability to create multiple ads for keywords to test ads and learn which perform best.
  • You can set separate campaigns for geo-targeting or Content Match to manage your campaigns and spend more effectively.
  • Set preferences for either your entire account or customize down to the keyword level.

Here’s a quick summary of what can be controlled at each level. I do like the layout system, because it is almost the same as Google’s. There are some nice graphs and many new features that take a bit to get use to. Overall, I think the system is a big step in Yahoo’s pay per click system, although I miss not being able to see who is at what position… Look’s like they were watching Google a bit too closely.