How to Design a Website

by Lee Smith

There are several ways to design a website, but I still do it the old fashion way – with a pen and paper.

Creating a website from paper to reality

The hardest part of web design is spending the time to lay things out. It may take a few sheets of paper to develop your thoughts, but the idea soon becomes clear.

First write the content

  1. Create the story or the message you want to convey to your audience.
  2. Write in a way that people can follow your thoughts.
  3. Check your grammar and spelling – do your best
  4. Always answer the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How about your product or service.
  5. Bulletpoints can easily highlight and simply describe what you are trying to point out.

Create images that match

  1. Read over your work once it is completed and you are satisfied. Now you can decide on what images come to mind when you read your work?
  2. Those are the images you want to create or locate. If you are describing a product, take several high quality photographs and then select the best ones to use. Most cameras will take these shots in a very large format.
  3. The images need to be reduced in size to fit the web page and optimized to reduce the actual file size so they load quickly.

Create an easy to read layout
Layout the page to use the white space to balance the message & graphics to draw your visitors to your message. Also include calls to action – asking what you want your visitors to do.

Take your time and think things out. You can always update and make changes because a website is a living breathing document that requires attention and fresh content.