Tired of Spam? Fight back!

Every morning I sit down at my computer to begin my day. The first thing I do (like everyone else) is to review my e-mail.

I use a product call Mailwasher by Firetrust – so I get to see the e-mails in their queues before I download them to my computer to review. I can easily flag e-mails as spam and delete them without ever seeing them. However, I was quite alarmed over the number of spam messages my clients and I would get.

The first thing I always notice, are the numerous e-mails coming to me at the early morning hours. These are normally from India or Pakistan telling me to use their SEO services, Web Design or Graphics Design. Most people I know that have used services from abroad were less than happy. I also notice that all the e-mails use Gmail accounts. Which can make this process easier to deal with at least in theory. If you want to get them to stop simple forward the e-mail to abuse@gmail.com. The reason this will work – is that people are not allowed to spam or send mail in this type of manner with a Gmail account. This alone has reduced my clients and my incoming e-mail by 40%, but there are still stubborn spammers out there that will create the same Gmail account but add an incremental number after the name, so we report those as well. They soon stop sending e-mails.

Now I also get e-mail from people telling me about some sort of e-mail message that changed their life from a hotmail or msn accounts – well I do the same thing and forward those e-mails to abuse@hotmail.com or abuse@msn.com.  Microsoft – is a no nonsense company about spam – those accounts are closed immediately and you will even get a confirmation e-mail from Microsoft.

Now this practice should work on most spam – however, it is important to check the origin in the headers on those accounts to make sure the spam e-mails actually originate from servers that are used by that e-mail address. Either way, it’s about the only way to fight back by destroying the accounts they send e-mail from.

You can notify almost any major website by sending an e-mail to abuse@domain name or websmater@domain name

This is my humble opinion of how I deal with spam e-mails.