What is SEO?

SEO is a process. A carefully planned process.

SEO is not something you bang out in one day.  It grows over time, if implemented correctly.

SEO is not something that can be applied to all categories of business.  A business like an insurance company requires a different process then an auto repair company. Understanding the business process also helps in the optimization process.

SEO requires that you follow a series of steps to make the optimization process  truly effective to achieve the best possible search engine ranking results.

The process actual begins before the website is ever built. The domain selection is extremely important.

The web hosting you select to house your website needs to be robust and offering excellent support. You want your website to display the pages in a fast manner – not sluggish.

The website needs to be designed with three main thoughts – Original Content, Ease of use and minimal code (as best as can be done to accomplish the desired appearance). The menu system needs to make sense as well as provide easy access across the website. I would also suggest the use of breadcrums and  properly named web pages with keywords.

Once the site is built,  the final phase of optimization can be performed.  Titles, Descriptions and numerous small tweaks to make the web page more attractive for  the search engines.

I always setup Google Analytics so I can track all our efforts and to determine what is working and drawing traffic.

Once this website is completed, I check the W3C compliance and correct the code until it is clean! Why spend so much time doing this?

  • First, each web browser can present the web page differently if the web page is not compliant.
  • Secondly, some web page coding can prevent the search engine spiders from fully indexing your web site.

If the website is compliant, it’s time for the main submission to the search engines to commence. I do the major search engines and a few key directories carefully by hand. Choosing the information to submit in more of a marketing manner.

Be sure to submit to the local business sections of the search engines.

Then I wait a month to start a monthly link building process – under 40 links per month, blogging articles, press releases, directory listings, etc. Less submission are better. Finding good solid sites to submit to can be a daunting task, but you can use a wide array of software products to help.

The process sounds simple, but most people do not have the time to do this correctly. There is plenty to understand and more techniques to use to make the optimization of a website a successful activity. I probably use about 75 additional techniques that can aid in a website ranking.

If you need help doing Search Engine Optimization for your website, contact us. We offer cost effective solutions for marketing your website.

Good Luck in your Website Marketing