12 valuable marketing lessons from Snapchat’s success


Snapchat is turning into a very appealing platform for brands, while the engagement of its users keep increasing. How did it become the new trending social platform?

Snapchat has surprisingly evolved into a very interesting social network, both for the users, but also for

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30 quick and easy SEO tips for small businesses

For the uninitiated, SEO can seem to be a complex and foreign landscape, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Indeed, there’s a lot that small businesses (and anyone) can do without any great SEO knowledge, and without spending too much money.

With the help of some search

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How to completely dominate Google’s first page

See that’s the thing about SEO, it doesn’t matter how doggedly you optimise every element of your site, making it as easy as possible for Google to crawl every page nor does it matter that you’re creating top-notch content on a regular basis, because there will always be competition from

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10 tips for writing effective headlines for the web

The importance of headlines should never be overlooked, a little time spent finding the right headline can make a lot of difference. 

A good headline means more people will click on your article wherever they see it, it ensures that the effort you spent in writing an article doesn’t go to

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How hacking hurts your website’s ranking in search results

When your website’s down, it takes your search rankings down too.

The first page of search engine results is prime real estate. And every webmaster is trying to get their website to show up there. But just when you think you finally landed a slice of that coveted real estate,

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Guide to social media image sizes [infographic]

Last week we published a very handy guide to social media image sizes on our sister website ClickZ UK. 

If you click on the above link, you can see a much larger version of the infographic, but we also thought it was worth sharing here at SEW.

All of the sizes

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Google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages

It’s been a massive week for the Google SERPs this week and it’s only Tuesday. As well as Google killing Right Hand Side Ads and shutting down its own comparison service, it seems that Google has also launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages project.

Although we had been expecting it

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Landing Page Conversion: Organic & Content Optimization

From searchenginewatch.com:

As a content and search marketing professional, driving targeted traffic through your content is one of the first goals in your strategy.

Some marketers could stop there knowing they’ve done a good job, but as the C-suite is becoming more interested in how the organic search channel is contributing to

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Search Marketers

In his 1989 best-selling business and self-help book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey outlines a series of “true north” principles that help individuals attain their goals and adapt to change. More than 25 years later, do these tenets still ring true? And, what if

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The Formula for Successful Newsjacking

Though the term was first mentioned on Search Engine Watch in 2013, newsjacking has been a go-to tactic ever since the industry realized that Google rewards fresh content – at least two years before this. Each day a different news story is rehashed, no matter how tenuously linked to

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