3 Signs Your SEO Campaign Is Dying – and How to Fix It

SEO is a long-term strategy to gain more visibility and more traffic for your online brand, but accurately measuring the effectiveness of that strategy can be challenging. Many of the benefits of SEO, such as increased brand visibility, are qualitative and therefore hard to measure, and even objective metrics like

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Bamboo Flooring by EcoSimplista – South Florida

EcoSimplista of South Florida  - eco-friendly building supplies and home solutionsBamboo, a grass found in Asia, has a long history of being included in everyday life. The Chinese discovered how versatile and strong this grass is, and incorporated it into their daily lives, including weaponry, weaving, paper, and the binding of paper into books. There are over 400 species of bamboo grown in China and for centuries; its uses are innumerable. Ancient Chinese people used bamboo for everything from gunpowder to remedies: what a truly versatile plant.

In the early 1990’s, it was introduced as a type of hardwood flooring. Bamboo has a hardness that is comparable to other hardwoods used for flooring.

Advances in the Bamboo flooring industry have created a technique of strand-weaving Bamboo strands together.

  • Strandwoven Bamboo is harder than the hardest hardwood
  • Bamboo is sustainable and fast-growing
  • Bamboo flooring comes in a huge variety of colors and styles
  • Bamboo flooring is affordable
  • Bamboo flooring both saves you money, and helps protect the environment.

Looking for a new floor using sustainable products? Contact EcoSimplista


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Google made some serious changes – should you?

‘Mobilegeddon’ could be bad news for 40% of top websites by  USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — If your website traffic plummets suddenly Tuesday, you can blame it on “Mobilegeddon.”

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Everybody Needs Local SEO

If you work in the SEO industry, you need to understand how to do Local SEO. Seriously.. I’m not kidding here… If you’re sitting there thinking “Um, no… not really” – then you’re exactly the person I’m writing this post for.

If you haven’t already, I can pretty much guarantee you

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Developing Web Marketing Strategies

Smitty's HoldingsDeveloping Website Marketing strategies are the foundation of getting your web site found and displayed to as many potential customers as possible. The success of being found is based on what you use to describe your services or products on your web site.

Web site marketing can be created & accomplished by any of the following:

The Internet can supply hundreds to thousands of visitors per day, 7 days per week. It works while you sleep. Marketing your website helps drive new customers and sales to your online business. The marketing takes many forms and it is the combination of these forms that will deliver the results you seek. The hardest thing to realize is where people are looking to find your product or service.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your website. Does your website accurately describe your business?

With those questions answered – Now consider:

  1. When was the last time you updated your website?
  2. Do you actively add new content on a regular basis?  Do you have any new updates for your web site?
  3. Do you want to change the look of your web site – giving it fresh new look?
  4. Did you add a new product or service in the past 3 months?
  5. Did you eliminate any products or services in the past 3 months?
  6. Did anything news worthy occur to your company that you would like everyone to know?
  7. Did you write an article or paper about a something you feel would help your company?
  8. Have you been recognized for outstanding work or activity?
  9. Do you want to increase your traffic? Convert the increase into sales inquiries, new leads or products sold ?

How many people are visiting your site daily? Is it 10, 50, 200, 500, 1000 or more visitors per day?  Is it worth adding that new information? You bet it does! This is marketing that never stops!

I would bet you want to offer your visitors the latest news about your company, prices, products and services. Your web site is one of your most precious marketing tools. It works when you are not.

Adding new content to your web site on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) is the single most effective way to keep your web site fresh, the search engines happy and people coming back.

Don’t let your web site collect dust. It is the single most important marketing tool you possess and it’s working when you are not!

  • Web site marketing is about telling your story and keeping your story up to date to attract customers.
  • Writing well thought out content – content is the first crucial hurdle.
  • Add web pages about new or existing products and services.
  • Are your web pages HTML compliant for the search engine spiders? Poorly written code will prevent the search engines from finding the content of your web pages.
  • Have clients write product or service reviews – this helps you correct problems or it allows the clients to boast about their experience with your company
  • Start a blog and talk about your business by adding industry news, successful sales, testimonials, or discuss hot topics .
  • Setup Social Media pages
  • If the web site is new, start a pay per click campaign to jump start the traffic and measure the ROI so you don’t get yourself into debt over your marketing efforts.
  • Collect e-mails from your customers and start a newsletter or send out a monthly correspondence. E-mail campaigns can be very successful in keeping your brand and identity in front of your clients. This also helps your clients remember to refer your company to others
  • Review your log files to see what you are being found for and where you are getting your traffic from.

Web site marketing can be very successful, it all depends on your effort. We are experts in making your website stand out and marketing your Internet business products or services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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How to Craft Your LinkedIn Profile to be more effective

Ran across a great article concerning LinkedIn:

LinkedIn or LinkedOut?

17 must-have components to make a difference in your job search

It’s not just for Job search – it is also to gain more business!

Click on the link below to read the comprehensive article:


Matt Cutts on Linking Guidelines: How Many Links on a Page?

From SearchEngineWatch.com

“There has been a rule of thumb for many years that you shouldn’t have more than 100 links per page. While the webmaster guidelines have changed to state that link should be keeping to a “reasonable number,” many webmasters still keep to the 100 links per page as a

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Electrician Talks About Commercial Electrical Work – Commercial Electrician South Florida

Perfect Electric Services - Commercial Electrician | Electrical Contractor South Florida

by Perfect Electric Repairs

Several electrical appliances and lighting are constantly in use at any one time in homes and offices. Interruptions with electricity supply due to faulty wiring or other problems can therefore cause a lot of inconvenience. In an office, it can cause things to grind to a halt. This is why it is important to hire a commercial electrician for all installations and repairs.

Wrong wiring and electric connections can cause serious injuries through electrocution which can be fatal enough to kill. For the sake of safety, it is best to leave such jobs to the professionals. A professional can also avert disaster by detecting and correcting a badly done job that would have caused serious damage and injuries for instance through electrical fires. They can also prevent security breaches for instance where surveillance is done with electrical devices and electric security systems are used in an office or home.

Trying to cut costs by doing electric installation and repair yourself will cost you more later. Gadgets can blow due to shorts or other problem and they can get permanently damaged. If not, one may have to spend money to buy parts for the item or to replace it altogether. All this can be avoided by leaving things to a commercial electrician who knows his way around the wires, fuses, switches and other electrical components.

Doing so will also lower your costs in the long term be it for a home or commercial building. If a professional always handles things, you will find that you rarely have to spend a lot on repairs, repeat installations or replacement of gadgets and appliances. You will most likely spend minimally for periodic maintenance checks or light repairs.

It is important to verify that the person or electrical company that you hire is professional. A qualified commercial electrician should have a valid license. They should also have insurance and workers insurance for the staff they sent to work on your house or office.

Do not select a commercial electrician based on their rates alone. A cheap job can cost you a lot later on when it turns out to be a badly done job. Ask friends, family and colleagues to recommend a professional to you. Or, carry out a search on the internet. Go to their websites, look at their credentials, check how long they have been in business and get quotes and compare them.

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How to Dress Yourself for the Occasion

There are many ways to dress for a dinner party, depending on the level of formality. The best way to find out how formal you should dress is to ask the host or hostess directly. This will overcome any confusion you may have. For a very formal party, it is a good idea to wear a gown for the women, and a tuxedo or suit for the men. For a more casual party, it is a good idea to dress as if you were going into an interview.

dinner party etiquette 3 How to Dress Yourself for the Occasion

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do: Make sure to RSVP to the dinner party as promptly as you are able to.
  • Don’t: Unless the host says it is permissible, don’t bring anyone along other than your +1
  • Do: When you arrive, step into the ladies room to straighten up your make up, or straighten up your tie, depending on your gender.
  • Don’t: When you arrive, try not to be loud and attention seeking. Instead, float about the room gracefully and try to say hello to those you know.

Following these simple tips and advice will have you the belle of the ball and the gentlemen of the night.

When you are a good guest at a dinner party, it is sure to get you invited back to future events.

ByFERIAL is an internationally renowned image consulting firm that offers world class training to prospective image consultants, it is one of the few image consultancy organizations in the world accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (A.I.C.I) to offer continuing education units (CEU’s) in the field of image consulting.

ByFerial Image Consultant Training Courses

 ByFerial Image Consultant Training

Cool Roof Coatings & Reflective Roof Paints by Acry-Tech

Acry-Tech Heat Reduction Paints and Coatings reflect and prevent heat buildup on roofs, saving energy.
Acry-Tech Heat Reduction Paints and Coatings
reflect and prevent heat buildup on roofs, saving energy.

People who live in tropical climates usually wear light-colored or white clothing to help keep themselves cool. They know that light colors reflect heat and sunlight; whereas dark colors absorb heat and light. Buildings are similar to people. If you have a dark-colored roof, your building will be hotter than if it had a light-colored roof.

Cool Roofs are roofs consisting of materials that very effectively reflect the sun’s energy from the roof surface. Cool materials for low-slope roofs are mainly bright white in color, although non-white colors are starting to become available for sloped roof applications. Cool Roofs must also have high emissivity, allowing them to emit infrared energy. Unfortunately bare metals and metallic coatings tend to have low emissivity and are not considered cool materials.

Cool roofs reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby reducing the heat transferred into the building below. This helps to reduce energy costs (by keeping attics and ducts cooler), improve occupant comfort, cut maintenance costs and air conditioning replacement costs, increase the life cycle of the roof, and reduce urban heat islands along with associated smog

Cool Top Roof Paint
Cool Top Heat Reflective Roof Paint
Cool Top is a bright white coating for Metal Roofs, Smooth Asphalt, Shingle Roofs or Granulated Asphalt roofs. It dramatically lowers roof surface temperatures resulting in lower AC costs while it prevents the normal high temperatures that bake out essential oils or cause extreme contraction and expansion, which results in premature roof failure. Prolong your asphalt roof lifespan by blocking UV and cutting heat with Cool Top reflective white roof coating. Prolong your metal roof life by eliminating excessive movement and thermal shock.

CeramaX Roof Elastomeric Coating
CeramaX Heat Reflective Waterproof CoatingCeramaXTM is a reflective, insulating ceramic fortified waterproof roof coating for professional application. It cuts heat absorption and dramatically lowers air conditioning bills while preventing water intrusion. Two decades of Space Shuttle technology developed by NASA makes this product the ultimate coating for protecting, waterproofing and reducing heat load. AC savings can often pay for the application of CeramaX in only a short time

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