How to Deal with Photos on Facebook

Do you see photos on Facebook that you know someone else took and you have no idea who they beleong to?

One of the nicest things anyone can do for a photographer that has taken their time, their expensive equipment, and their training to capture and or create a photograph and post it on Facebook is :

  1. To compliment them – we live for that…
  2. Ask to buy photos – Makes us really happy!
  3. Ask permission to use their photos – which shows respect from our friends that we have selected on Facebook.
  4. Use the “share” photo option instead of downloading the photo and posting it as your own. This leaves the photo ownership and recognition.
  5. If you use a photo from another Facebook “friend” – it would be nice to show some form of recognition, a simple “Thanks to the photographer” that took the photograph – a simple common courtesy.

Just wanted to pass this on to all my Facebook friends to continue to enjoy all the fantastic photography and images being shared with everyone.