Year End Web Stats Review

Review your Web Stats for your upcoming Website Marketing EffortsIt’s that time of year to review the web stats report for your website.

If you have web stats being collected by your web hosting company, I would spend the time to look them over.

  • Search for which keyword phrases are being used to find you
  • Examine which web pages are getting the most traffic and which ones are not
  • Review the404 – 500 errors portion of your stats to see what people are missing or what is not working – this is something to pay close attention to and something that can be fixed
  • If you can see how much traffic is coming to your website,  can you see if there is any trending?
  • Are you being visited by the Major Search Engine Bots?
  • Are you getting links from undesirable websites?
  • Can you tell what time of day you are getting the bulk of your traffic?

Now is a good time to review your web stats, these tidbits of information can help you move forward in planning your marketing for the up coming year.

If you do not have web stats from your hosting company – not to worry. You can setup an account with Google Analytics. It takes time to learn all the nuances and how to totally use all the features, but the core reporting is very useful.

You will have to copy the code snippet to the bottom of all your web pages. This can be a task if you do not have a common footer. Remember, it is always best to place the code above the </body>. So your web page can completely load in the event the code snippet cannot contact Google. Once the code is in place, the Analytics will be able to collect loads of useful information.

Best of luck and keep marketing your website.

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