Where does your Website Rank?

When was the last time you checked to see where your website was ranked for a keyword or keyword phrase?

You need to be aware of your web ranking because it does change, even with Pay Per Click Campaigns, your website can move on and off the results pages.

To manually check your website against a keyword list, you need to go to each Major Search Engine and run your test.

The Top Three Search Engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN (Live)

First, I suggest creating an accurate list of keyword phrases you feel you need to be found by. Decide if you are searching on a National level versus a Local Level.  A Local Level is more designed for a company that is supplying a targeted market in a specific area with it’s goods or services. So you will use a city, county, township, etc with each keyword phrase.

Once the list is created, then go to a Search Engine and begin the process of searching for each keyword phrase. This can take a little time depending upon the size of your search list.

Type in your selected keyword phrase, like “South Florida Website Marketing”. Then look for your website or another site that might mention your website. I searched for my website and can find it in the top ten. Great!

Now record where you are ranked, if you are not conducting a Pay Per Click Campaign, then examine only the Natural Rankings (avoid counting the Sponsored Advertising) – count down from the top which number result your are and which page.

You can continue doing the same process for each keyword phrase. Yes, this can take time to do, but it is important to know where you are ranked for your products or services. Knowing which page you are ranked can help you determine how much more work needs to be done to achieve a higher ranking. These are some thing you may need to do to help your web page rankings:

  • You may need your web pages optimized
  • To add additional content or even another web page with the information needed to hopefully achieve a better ranking.
  • Spend time on Directory or Search Engine submissions
  • Writing articles and posting them
  • Creating press releases
  • Even setup a Pay Per Click Campaign

More than likely, even if you are ranked great today, you may slip due to competition. That is why it is so important to know where you are ranked every month.


For those who do not have the time to conduct these important searches for ranking purposes, I offer a service to create ranking reports for your selected keyword phrases. You can select up to 30 Keyword phrases. We run the report against Google, Yahoo, MSN (Live), and AOL searching the top 50 positions for each keyword against your domain.

This is what a Sample Report looks like:

Sample Ranking Report

If interest in obtaining a ranking report, please visit our Keyword Ranking Report Request Form – we can also schedule your reports for a monthly or quarterly delivery, if you wish.

Good Luck with your Website Marketing

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