Google Analytics has been updated

If you have not used Google's Analytics, you might be surprised how informative it can be. I had gotten this e-mail from Google about the service and decided to post the overview of the upgraded service.

The release of a new version of the Google Analytics reporting interface

For a smooth transition, we've listed some helpful resources and notes below.  Also, you will still be able to access your old reporting interface for at least a month by clicking "Previous Interface" below the "View Reports" link for any profile in your account. Other than a few improvements detailed in the version notes below, your data and configuration settings remain unaffected by your choice of interface and your data continues to be tracked in the same way as it was prior to this redesign.

*What is new?* In the new version, your reports have been redesigned for clarity, greater visibility of important metrics, and ease of use.  Here are just a few of the features you'll

    – Email and export reports: Schedule or send ad-hoc
      personalized report emails and export reports in PDF format.

    – Custom Dashboard: No more digging through reports. Put all
      the information you need on a custom dashboard that you can
      email to others.

    – Trend and Over-time Graph: Compare time periods and select
      date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.

    – Contextual help tips: Context sensitive Help and Conversion
      University tips are available from every report.

The new interface has everything the previous interface had and more. In addition, links within reports make it easier to navigate related information and explore your data.

The following resources are available to help you get the most from the new Google Analytics interface:

    – Report Finder Tool: will help you see where data from the
      previous interface is located within the new version (it is
      also linked to from within your reports on the left
      navigation menu):

    – Product tour:

    – FAQs for more details about the new version:

    – Help Center: includes articles related to the new version:

    – Support: if you encounter any issues with the new version
      that you can't resolve with the help center, you can contact
      our support team through the Contact Us link at the bottom of
      the help center web page, or receive higher-touch support
      through a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.  Find one

    – Analytics Help Forum: If you would like to discuss the new
      version or get tips from experienced users, please visit the
      Analytics Help Forum in English within Google Groups at:

A few notes about the new version:

    – The new version works best with Flash 7 or higher. Most
      browsers have this installed already, if yours does not,
      please download it at <>.

    – Google Analytics now uses the same geo-data source as
      AdWords, therefore, map and geo-location report results may
      vary slightly between the previous interface and the new
      interface. For those of you with filters designed for
      geo-data, you may want to verify the results and edit if

    – Limiting the Available Reports for a profile by specifying
      which Report Dashboards and Report Categories are available
      has been removed from the product in favor of the new
      customizable Google Analytics dashboard. If you would like to
      limit the availability of data within a certain profile for
      certain users, we recommend removing those users from the
      profile and instead scheduling an email to deliver data to