Web Design Mistake#5 – the redirect

You must be careful with this technique. Redirection can be very useful, but at the same time if done improperly can ruin a page ranking.

The safest way to redirect to another web page is using a server side 301 redirect in the htaccess file. Depending on the search engine, the results will be evaluated based on the algorithms of that search engine. Some search engine will not recognize the web page any longer. The 301 redirect tells the search engines that the web page has moved permanently.


Redirect 301 /directory/filename.html  http://www.domain.com/newfile.html

If you are using a redirect technique using metatags in a web page you submit to a search engine – it will be ignored or your web page will loose rankings. Too many people over the years use to use that techniques for doorway pages or other to setup a domain to point to another domain and the search engines caught on.

This is an example of a redirect I do not suggest to use:

<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT=”3; URL=http://www.somewhwere.com”>

You will get severely penalized, so I feel it’s a total waste of time.

I have seen Javascript redirects, but again I feel you get nailed for that as well.

If you have to do a redirect, use the server side method.