​How to Create Images That Attract & Convince Your Target Niche

Great article by SEOMoz

Any old picture might be worth a thousand words. But your target niche doesn’t need or want a thousand words. Your ideal audience needs the right words, paired with the right images, to tell a story that uniquely appeals to their deepest desires.

Studies show that people understand images faster than words, remember them longer, and if there’s a discrepancy between what we see and what we hear, our brains will choose to believe what they see. Our brains prioritize visual information over any other kind, which makes images the fast-track to connection all marketers are looking for.

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Broward Food Catering by Rickey’s

Rickeys Sports Bar Grill in Pembroek Pines, FloridaGot a party or event planned? Contact Rickey’s Sports Bar & Grill Catering in Pembroke Pines – covering Broward County.

A terrific selection of quality food that will make any party memorable!

A great selections of platters to choose from:

  • Chicken Wing Platter ………..$81.00 – 100 wings with choice of sauce
  • Chicken Finger Platter ………..$65.00 – 50 pieces of chicken fingers with choice of sauce
  • Vegetable Platter ………..$50.00 – Carrots, Broccoli Celery
  • Large Tray of Baked Ziti ………..$55.00
  • Shrimp Pasta ………..$130.00
  • Chicken Pasta ………..$90.00
  • Spaghetti and meatballs ………..$90.00
  • BBQ Meatballs ………..$44.00
  • Caesar or House Salad Platter ………..$40.00
  • Boneless Buffalo Crispers ………..$63.00 – 60 pieces choice of sauce
  • Mini Chicken Quesadillas ………..$57.00
  • Mozzarella Sticks ………..$94.00 – 100 pieces with marinara sauce
  • If you don’t see something you want just ask

Assorted Appertizers
Rickey's Chicken Wings
Sandwich Platters

A three (3) day notice is needed on platters a minimum order of (3) Platters

Call (954) 744-4697 for more information and how to order or
Contact us via e-mail at: http://rickeyspinesrestaurant.com/contactus.php

Rickey’s Sports Bar Grill
Broward Food Catering

8389 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024
(954) 744-4697

Special PlattersCelery Platter

One Formula to Rule Them All: SEO Data Analysis Made Easy in Excel

Working in SEO, I always find myself poring over data and looking for ways to expedite the analysis process. Analyzing data can often be tedious, mind-numbing, and boring work, so anything that can be done to speed up finding that needle in the haystack is almost always a good idea. A few months ago, I began using a formula in Excel to categorize data and I’m constantly finding new ways to use it.

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Will Pokémon GO become a marketing platform for local businesses?

Nintendo’s Pokémon Go, a free augmented reality (AR) mobile game, is on fire.

According to Similar Web, the Android version of the app was installed on more than 5% of all Android devices in the US within two days, giving it an install base larger than Tinder, the popular dating app.

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Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines

If you’re a regular Google user (65% of you globally) then you’ll have noticed some changes, both good and bad.

I won’t debate the merits of these improvements, we’ve done that already here: Google kills Right Hand Side Ads and here: Google launches Accelerated Mobile Pages, but there’s a definite feeling of

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Seven excellent tips for making the most of Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are one of the more intriguing opportunities Google has given advertisers to reach people where they spend a lot of their time online – in their inboxes.


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Broward Acupuncture

White Crane Healing Arts - Holistic Family Healthcare - Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qigong Classes, Self Cultivation Practices NutritionChinese Medicine is an integrated health care system that is over 5000 yrs. old. This holistic medicine which originated in China, is now practiced in different countries around the world including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Europe and America. The Chinese medicine practiced at White Crane combines the ancient wisdom from the Taoist lineage traditions with contemporary knowledge of Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture is a time tested healing modality originating from the far East. Each individual will experience acupuncture on a personal level and what one feels depends on their own state of being and level of sensitivity.  It’s common to feel a sensation of warmth, tingling or traveling Qi (energy) when the needles are inserted; and many experience a profound sense of relaxation and well being or possibly increased energy.  Broward Acupuncture by White Crane Healing Arts treats the whole being which includes body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In the realm of acupuncture, the most common energetic pathways used are the 12 meridians or regular channels.  These meridians connect to the yin and yang organ systems of the body.  This system is generally emphasized in Chinese medical schools, however there are other energy channels that are equally valuable, known as the 8 extraordinary vessels.

Fundamentally, illness manifests when Qi, Blood and Fluids are either blocked, depleted or imbalanced, which diminishes its healthy coherence to the point of dysfunction or eventually illness. Acupuncture can reorganize this dynamic by opening, closing or harmonizing the flows within the rivers and streams (channels).

Contact the White Crane Healing Arts Center for a consultationhttp://www.whitecranehealingarts.com/contact-us/

The White Crane Healing Arts Center is located in Broward County, Florida
7071 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite 2C, Tamarac, FL 33319
Phone 954.721.7252


HTTPS Tops 30%: How Google Is Winning the Long War


It’s been almost two years (August 2014) since Google announced that HTTPS was a ranking signal. Speculation ran rampant, as usual, with some suggesting there was little or no benefit to switching (and possibly significant risk) while others rushed to sell customers on making the HTTPS

To read the full article: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/seomoz/~3/qwhSiNyOw2I/https-tops-30-how-google-is-winning-the-long-war

How to increase your content’s viral potential

Viral content is sort of the holy grail of internet marketing; everyone wants it, but almost no-one knows how to get it.

Whatever it is that makes content inherently shareable – and, at the extreme end of the spectrum, go viral – seems like more of a mystical art than

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