Broward Auto Body Shop – Paint Shuttle

PaintShuttle2Paint Shuttle is a Broward Mobile Auto Body Shop Paint Repair Service

We know your car means a lot to you, and so does your time.

That’s why we come to you! So it’s easy to have your car’s scratches,

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Professional Waterproofing and Roofing Consultants

Benchmark Consulting GroupBENCHMARK CONSULTING GROUP, INC.  was founded in 1996 with a goal to provide our clientele with the best professional guidance in the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry. Through professionalism, education, integrity, honesty and hard work Benchmark has established itself as one of the top performing Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting Companies in the Southeast Region.

Consulting Services:

  • MVC-215F_400ROOFING –  A roof system is a building asset. Owners today recognize the significance of the investment they have made in protecting their building and its contents from water damage, in terms of both the roof’s cost and its replacement value.
  • WATERPROOFING – The primary function of building envelope is to protect against water intrusion. When a building envelope fails, the results are often costly, dramatic and disastrous. Poorly designed or maintained building envelopes can leave a trail of litigious problems that can take years and many dollars to diagnose and repair.
  • ANALYSIS – Assist the building Owner in making an informed decision on the direction of their goals, by evaluating and analyzing all data pertaining to the existing roofing and waterproofing condition of their building.
  • PLANNING – Benchmark Consulting Group will develop an efficient plan of action, over an established period time, to best achieve the building Owner’s goals.
  • BUDGETING – Our experience in this industry will aide you in establishing budgets in the most cost effective way. From present day spending, to creating a funding program for future projects, Benchmark Consulting Group can guide you through the process.
  • MATERIAL MANUFACTURER REVIEW – Our long term relationship with manufacturers provides customers with an immediate benefit in choosing the proper product for a specific application. Maximizing dollars spent versus the product used as well as evaluating and analyzing manufacturer’s warranties.
  • CONTRACTOR REVIEW – The 30 plus years spent in this industry allows Benchmark Consulting Group to help you in choosing the proper contractors for specific projects. Benchmark Consulting Group will establish a contractor’s qualifications and references through investigative research.


  • PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCES – Benchmark will hold a pre-construction conference with the Contractor, Manufacturer’s Representative and the Owner to review all procedures required for the project. To establish construction and coordination schedules.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Benchmark will oversee the entire project to completion. Assist the Owner and the Contractor with all project coordination and requirements.
  • PROJECT MONITORING AND INSPECTIONS – Benchmark will monitor and inspect the project on a regular basis to insure all work is being completed according to plans and specifications. To best serve the Owner’s interest in workmanship. Benchmark will provide inspection logs and reports for documentation.
  • PROJECT CLOSEOUT – Benchmark will inspect all work completed with the Owner, the Manufacturers Representative and Contractor for final acceptance.


  • Certified State of Florida Roofing Contractor
  • Troxler Radiological Certification, Troxler Laboratories
  • Certified Infrared Inspector, Infra-Inspection Institute
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector

Benchmark Consulting Group – Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing Consultants serving all of Florida
5400 South University Drive, Suite 407A, Davie, Florida 33328
Phone: (954) 476-0801


A safer, smarter, more comfortable home… anytime, anywhere! Want to control your security system, lighting, thermostats, locks—even view live and recorded video—whether you’re at home or away? Whether you have a new or existing security system, Honeywell and your service provider can take all of this amazing home control functionality and place it at your fingertips using the same devices that are already a part of your everyday life—your smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected wireless devices. Welcome to your connected home.

3150 SW 15th Street – Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 USA
PHONE: 954.427.5711

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers.

Restoring Bleached Pavers

2015-05-04 15.00.50-900

Bleached and Acid Washed Pavers to the point of discoloration

Restoring Bleached Pavers, Tampa, FL

Pavers that had been bleached + acid washed needed rejuvenation

A contractor had bleached and acid washed pavers to the point of discoloration. This basically ruined the pavers as they were blotchy and looked older than they actually were. Our solution was to re-dye the washed out pavers with our patented dyeing process.

National Sealing Co is the largest paver sealer in the country with over 2M square feet of pavers protected. We recognized a need to develop a coloring or dyeing process for pavers that had lost their color for various reasons.

We have developed a penetrating dyeing process or coloring process to faded pavers. We match the original dyes used to color the pavers and can apply our process while keeping the personality of the various medley of colors intact.

2015-05-04 17.41.13-900

Half Restored Pavers

The result is an attractive, restored paver for much less than it would cost to replace.

National Sealing Co., Inc.
(954) 577.8837

Tuxedo Collection for Candles by Eco Simplista

Soy Base Candles - Canelle Candles

To order:


MON – FRI / 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
SATURDAY / 10:00 pm – 2:00 pm

EcoSimplista – South Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly
building supplies and home solutions
619 East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
P. 954 565 5900

Need Boat Repairs? Call Absolute Boat Care, Dania Beach, Florida

Absolute Boat Repairs, Dania Beach, Florida

The radio signal for a boat in distress is “MAYDAY”

Any vessel threatened by grave and/or imminent danger and requires immediate assistance uses this term. We hope you never have to send a signal like that.  Being out on the water is a wonderful time until you experience a problem. That is why you should keep your boat in perfect running condition.

If your boat is in need of boat repairs or just needs a little attention, pick up the phone and call Danny or Dario at Absolute Boat Care in Dania Beach, Florida. We will get your vessel in the best shape so you’ll be able to avoid calling “MAYDAY” over your radio! Let us help you get out on the water today.

We offer a full range of boat care services for those people need help maintaining their craft or need our expert skills to repair their boats correctly.

Need Boat Repairs? Call Absolute Boar Care, Dania Beach, Florida

Royale Palm Marina
629 Northeast 3rd Street, Dania, FL 33004
Danny Escobar 954-815-1641 General Manager
Dario Escobar 954-643-0001 Yard Manager

Absolute Boat Care is located in Dania, FL offering Boat Repairs, Fiberglass, Hulls Deck Work, Marine Plumbing, Running Gear Service, Propellers, Rudders, Shafts, and Seals

South Florida Fine Art Photography by Lee Smith

Offering Fine Art Photography of South Florida for Sale

South Florida is a wonderland for photographers. I enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, the ocean, the Everglades and the wildlife of Florida.

Lee Smith photography - IMG_9548_49_50I have been interested in photography since I was bout 12 years old using a Kodak Instamatic. Taken many wonderful photos.

I have always been taking photos –  at the beach, at events, most every where I traveled.

I now offer my collection of photos for sale thorough my website offering a wide variety of images for prints.

You can also find my latest captures on facebook:

Barnwood Doors from EcoSimplista

Barnwood Doors - LSMITH_1608Order Barnwood Doors from EcoSimplista – a great new way to cover larger openings and most anything you want to cover.

A timeless look of worn, weathered wood to create unusual doors that move quietly and smoothly.  Weathered Barnwood Doors change change the look of any room. These doors can offer beautiful rustic textures and can be made of many finishes colors. EcoSimplista offers the special hardware to create Barnwood Doors.

Eco Simplista – Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement company
619 East Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
954 565 5900

Surecrete XS Precast Kit from EcoSimplista

Surecrete XS Precast Kit by EcoSimplistaConstruct beautiful concrete countertops in a jiffy with a fraction of the man power and zero steel reinforcements. Customize your countertop project with the addition of Integral Color Packs (32 colors available) or aggregates! The modern fiber advancements allow for a lighter, stronger, and more flexible concrete countertop.

***Precast Concrete Countertop Workshop Available Upon Request. Get hands on with our experts to learn the best precast practices***

Eco Simplista – Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Company
619 East Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
954 565 5900