Costa Rican Real Estate

Hacienda Morenas S.A.
PO box 95
Tilaran, Costa Rica
Tel (506) 692 2062 - Cel.(506) 391 4892

Hacienda Morenas S. A. is a real estate development company
professionally operating in Costa Rica

75 acres are being developed for residential use in the northern mountains

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Hacienda Morenas

  • This is our biggest development
  • The property is 70 acres on top of the continental divide.
  • The are 360 degrees of breathtaking views of the lake, volcano and the low lands
  • This development will be accomplished in 3 or 4 phases.
  • We had the Nicaraguan rock builders come in and build rock walls to accentuate the entrance.
  • We are fixing up the public road that access the first 20 lots.
  • These lots will be between 1500 and 2000 sq meters.
  • The first phase of these beautiful lots can be purchased for around $30,000 - depending on lot size (financing available)
    (Note: Pricing can change without notice. Be sure to contact us to lock in your price. )
  • Minimum lot sizes for the remaining phases will be 5000 sq mts lots and up.
  • Each of these lots will be custom designed.
  • There are roads and utilities for each of the lots.
  • We can design and build custom houses for our clients.






For more information visit our contact page

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