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Hacienda Morenas S. A. is a real estate development company
professionally operating in Costa Rica

75 acres are being developed for residential use in the northern mountains

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Own your own mountain property in Costa Rica and build a beautiful vacation home.

Norman List is a well known and respected resident of Costa Rica. Norman has negotiated the purchased of 75 acres of land near Lake Arenal in the northern part of Costa Rica. Across the lake you can view Volcano Arenal and National Parks. The lots  will make a great location to build  vacation homes.

Lake Arenal is known for being one of the best windsurfing and mountain biking spots in the world.  It is a beautiful area, surrounded by ancient mountains, old growth trees and incredible views.

Map of the Area

Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

There are three developments in process:

Visit our other Costa Rican web site and see all the activities offered by this area.

Costa Rican House being built

Norman is offering lots for sale and can arrange for the construction of a home. For more information on how to buy one of these magnificent lots and what it takes to build a home on it, contact Norman at today for details!

These lots are on some of the most beautiful property in Costa Rica and would make a fine real estate investment.

Costa Rican quality craftsmanship can be seen in the use of materials and building techniques.

This home can be purchased for around $75000. It has one bed room, a hardwood deck, an outdoor shower, hot tub and fire place. It measures 800 sq feet of building on 1500 sq meters of land.


Inside a house being built in Costa Rica
  An inside view of the home being built

We offer:

  • Financing
  • U.S. quality construction
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Lot Selection
  • Functional building designs
  • Electric, Water & Sewage

Each home offers a different splendid view. Sloping mountains, a lofty view of Lake Arenal, forest covered hill sides and of course, the magnificent Volcano Arenal in the distance .

We also can help you locate a lawyer for all your real estate transactions in Costa Rica

Lake View from inside the Costa Rican House
Mountain Biking, Rafting and Windsurfing in Costa Rica
Costa Rican Mountain Biking Costa Rican Rafting - Fishing - Windsurfing
Hot springs, Horseback riding and beautiful Costa Rican views
Hot Springs - Horseback Riding - Beautiful views of the area

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